Celebrating the Cooking, Culture and Craziness that is The Coast


Welcome to Ray Bearfield’s Little House on the Internet Prairie. Here you are safe from brush fires and marauding locals upset about new arrivals squatting on their sacred places. Service outages remain a minor annoyance, but unfettered curiosity and unbridled imagination get free rein so it’s not a bad trade.

The path you’re on has several forks. Don’t be concerned. You can’t get lost. The Floridays link leads to a collection of articles and essays that document the changing state of Southwest Florida during time I spent there writing about it for The Miami Herald and other newspapers, as well as an assortment of regional and national magazines.

Chez Ray? There we man one small section of the barricades in the war against the Eaters of Cheese from a Can, who intend to take over the world for their overlords, the Inventors of Boneless Wings and frozen Oriental Mexican Spaghetti with Chipotle Barbecue Sauce.


Don’t mind the heat . . .